anything and everything shapes!!

Stuart Davis' piece is an excellent example of rectilinear shapes. The green shapes on the left side of the piece area comprised of straight lines and angular corners, which fit the description of rectilinear shapes.
This piece of artwork shows me figure/ground reversal shapes because at first the positive shapes catch my attention, and then the negatives ones follow, and that's exactly what figure/ground reversal shapes are.
Biren De's piece of art reflects curvilinear shapes. I say this because curvilinear shapes are made up of curves, and flowing edges which the whole piece is. It shows a hill like shape, and is dealing with a circle, and semicircle.
Yee Sookyung's sculpture shows me organic shape. I see this because it has the qualities of being an organic shape. Such as it having the shape of something that can be found in the natural world.
Composition no. 23 by: Jacoba van Heemskerck expresses representational shapes. This artwork expresses this to me because I notice the trees and, the triangles that I depict as tiki huts, and the lights shining through the forest/jungle from the tree tops. This all connects to what representational shapes are since I visualized what this painting was, just like the definition says: "It is based on direct observation."
This artwork by Kasimir Malevich chows me abstract shapes since this is supposed to depict an actual house under construction. but looks like a very distilled house. Which matches the definition perfectly. And it shows the house precisely falling apart at a certain angle which is showing how it is not showing an exact picture of what is going on. Like the definition says.
Ralph BALSON's artwork is a great example of geometric shapes.Throughout the whole image there are precise edges within the squares and rectangles. There are also consistent curves. Which matches the definition of a geometric shape perfectly.
Ralph Balson expresses nonobjective shapes in this artwork. This shows me pure forms, which are shapes that don't have direct reference to reality. What I said matches nicely with what I said to be nonobjective shapes.
This artwork by Kh, Myung Keun show me the positive and negative shapes. I say this because At first I notice the stairway as a whole, but then as I start to look I can see the shapes within the stairway(the negative shapes.)
his artwork done by Woo, Jae Gil shows me pure form shapes. I say this because pure form shapes are shapes that are created without direct reference to reality. and that is what I get from this piece.
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