Composition in texture

Jwaun Booth

I chose this image because I love how the colors mix in making the wall look rough and making the wall look like it has a story.
I thought the texture on this steamer was very cool. It looked like an ancient pot that was used back in the native days in South America & Africa.
I loved this painting because the textures make it look like the image has a story. This picture has history.
The textures in this picture was very well laid. I like how clear you see the girl and she looks very worried.
I love the textures of blue in this image. The different shades make the image stand out.
This image really stood out to me a lot. I like how real this man looks. The textures used in this image makes the detail look very good.
Looking at this painting I could tell immediately that it was a city. I like how many different textures there are.
I like the lamp a lot. The gold and tan textures stood out to me the most. The picture looks a little dingy but I still like it.
I love the skull overall. I like the green texture and design. This was well sketched.
For some reason this image reminded me of candy. I like how there are multiple textures making the city light up.
This image told story. I like how the man looks exhausted. The textures around his face and background really stood out to me. You can see the emotion on his face very good.
I love the different textures in this image of a garden. This painting really stood out to me. I like the different shades in the small person in the picture.
The textures in this image made me think of the ancient times in Europe. Almost in the Mona Lisa times. This image was well put together.
I love the water textures in this image. I think making water look realistic in a painting is very hard. This image stood out to me because of the level of detail in the painting.
Lastly, I like this image because of the different textures of green that aline from his hairline to his cheekbones. I love the different details of green and how transform to read at the bottom.
Credits: All media
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