Implied Lines: The painting has swirls which attracts more attention to the sky.
This painting is an example of complementary colors.
3-D Image The stairs actually look like you can go up them
This painting is with its unique shapes are organic shapes.
This painting represents abstract .
This corn husk bag is an example of radial balance
This represents proportion
This piece of artwork is geometric shape which are Triangles and trapezoids.
This paddle is an example of asymmetrical balance. Both sides aren't all the way balanced.
This painting represents space
This console table is an example of symmetrical balance. If you cut it in half both of the sides will be the same
This painting is an example of arbitrary colors with the different kinds of colors in the men's faces.
The study of Two Feet is Chiaroscuro because of the balance of the light and darkness in the drawing.
This painting is an example of cross-hatching. The way the background is.
This picture represents perceptual color with the colors of blues and greens
This painting represents positive/negative.
This represent actual lines
This artwork represents repetition because they are the same type of bids but one is a different color. Add: Delete this artwork In the Southern Alps 1881 John Gully Add: Saviour Made Without Hands 2nd half of the 12th century Unknown Add: Kompozycja heliograficzna (XXIX) (1936 - 1937) Karol Hiller Add:
This artwork represents movement
This represents actual texture.
This painting is representational.
This is non-representaitonal
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