Fluctuation of emotions through color

Color is used to express emotion, illustrate moods, attract attention, a communicate ideas. Throughout my gallery I will focus on the different uses of color and how it might  affect the viewers impressions of each canvas. 

The colors in this portrait are dark and warm. Because deeper shades are used, it conveys a more solemn feeling.
A vibrant and natural color choice gives the viewer the impression of joy. Focus is drawn towards the woman and the horse because of the impressionist background.
Because of the deep blue shades, it allows you to feel the cold solidarity of the night. The yellow is warms the painting with a sense of light or joy.
The bold and primary colors used gives viewers a dominant feeling as well as a sense of spontaneity with the abstract shapes.
This piece gives you a relaxed feeling not only because of the relaxed strokes but the natural shades as well. The light paint pattern allows a sense of freshness to consume you when viewing it.
Every color is used in this portrait which could give you sense of being overwhelmed at first. However the combination leaves you feeling festive and joyous. It also helps direct you towards culture.
The light colors and soft brush strokes has a friendly approach that gives you an easy feeling when viewing the portrait. There is a slight mysterious feeling you receive with the darker shades.
The dark color scheme along with the jagged shapes gives the viewer the impression of being in danger and feeling harshly towards something.
Your eye is naturally drawn towards the white dresses in the portrait. It portrays an elegance that compliments the softness of the beach. It gives you a sense of fragileness and delicateness.
The soft and detailed colors gives you a fresh approach that could almost allow you to smell the arrangement. IT allows you to feel the joy of springtime.
The light and natural colors give you a strong desire to be free and connects you to warm, summer days.
Red is the most dominant color in the portrait that gives elegant, confident, and sophisticated feelings towards it.
The dominant black usage in the portrait makes the viewer feel mellow and sad because it is so well associated with death.
The light color automatically gives you the joy of youth and agility. The black dressed woman resembles aging and gives you a cautious and mysterious feeling.
The scene is dramatized with the chiaroscuro lighting and rich shades. The portraits viewer's are given an alarmed feeling due to the dominate colors.
Monet paints this portrait to portray different weather conditions. This specific lighting and dark shades gives you a sense of frigidness due to the rain.
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