gallery of lines: Anthony Miranda

this gallery of lines is here to show how to identify the type of line in the image and how the line is being used in the composition. 

in "The Starry Night" Vincet uses thick wavy, curved lines.When you come down to the little town the lines become thin and small like dashes.
in "Undergrowth with Two" the flowers are very thin and short like dashes. also it has implied lines from how they make you follow them and how the artist makes it look like wind blowing on them.
in the "Irises" the plants are moving in the wind and they are thick and curved. this tells me that the scene is calm and soothing.
in the "Poppy field" Vincent uses what looks to be small but thick lines for the sky. he also uses implied ines because he makes it look like the wind is blowing on the flowers and we follow it it.
in the "City Night" it looks like a 3D image that got flattened. the buildings are very thick long and vertical lines with an edge at the end making it look even more powerful.
in "Black Lines" the lines are vertical and show that they look like a lightning bolt. they are very thin like you can break them by blowing on them.
in "The Maple" the lines become focused and meet in the middle of the painting. also the lines go from being thick in the center to thin as you keep going out from the plant suggesting it mat be dying
in "A Corner of the Apartment" the corner of the painting shows a plant that looks dead. also shows short thin lines which is why i think the plant is dead.
the water lily looks like it's covered by a thin layer of water and it looks like grass or water splashing around. and they are vertical and may be thin but they are compact so it looks strong
in the "London Parliament" the lines are very dark because the painting looks foggy so Claude Monet had to have made the lines darker for us to see it.
in the "Fourth knot" the lines are very thin and wavy and just go all over the place but they go around the words. also they seem to focus around the word "VIC" which is very weird.
in "The Scream" it shows wavy and thick lines showing that maybe it was a good day. what makes this not seem totally happy is the man screaming and he is wavy it's like he's melting or lost something.
in the "Mona Lisa" the background shows little thin lines with a darkish color to give it detail. it shows them compacted together giving them power
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