Color Schemes

Becca Wells

Primary- This piece of artwork contains the 3 primary colors; red, yellow and blue. These colors relate to this piece by bringing out the detail and tints and shades.
Secondary- The orange really comes out in the lady's umbrella. The lots of green helps show that it is a nice day. The purple or violet you can see in the foreground on the woman's dress.
Complementary- Blue and orange are complementary colors. The background is blue and most of the flowers are orange. The flower stems are green and there is a tiny bit of red in one of the flowers.
Monochromatic- This piece of artwork is monochromatic because it is one color with tints and shades throughout the whole thing. The tints and shades help you to see the object clearly.
Black and White- The black and white in this piece of artwork brings out the foreground, middle ground, and background. It also brings out the detail in this piece.
Analogous- Many of the colors in this piece of artwork are very similar and blend well together. That is because this is an analogous piece of work. The tints help it out as well.
Cool Colors- This piece contains most of the cool colors, like the blues and greens. It fits this piece because in the mountains it is very green and you are closer to the blue sky.
Warm Colors- This piece of artwork is very fun and crazy. Warm colors create the emotion and feeling of this piece by adding the brightness look. It also brings out the fun, crazy and happy effect.
Credits: All media
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