Using the Color Red to Capture Attention

The title of this painting reveals what the artist was trying to do.  Your attention is supposed to go directly to the hat.  Everything else in the painting is very dull and faded, and the colors in the woman's dress actually blend together, as do the colors in the background, so your eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest thing in the painting right away.  This is a perfect example of what my gallery is about.
In this work, the red actually makes the birds seem closer to the viewer.  All of the dull, brown colors naturally fade into the background, and the bright red and even the pale blue seem to jump out.
In this painting the red is not actually what first captures your attention, but rather the white, since it is such a contrast against the dark colors.  However your eye is drawn to the red next, as it has it's own contrast from warm to cool color.
The red in the woman's dress here sharpens her image and makes her very noticeable.  If the color of her dress had been in the same color pattern as the rest of the piece, not only would she be lost, but the entire thing would look like nothing but a mess.  The red brings the entire piece into perspective.
In this painting, the red dot is the very first thing that grabs your attention.  It is the exact opposite of the rest of the painting - bold, sharp, and centered.  However once your eye leaves that, it travels around the dot, allowing you to see the rest of the painting as well.
This piece captures one's attention very easily.  The bright red against the stark white of the wall is an instant eye grabber and is exactly what I'm trying to show with this gallery.
The red here is used to put the painting in perspective.  The red jumps out at you and seems to be in the front, which the woman in this painting is.
The red here is actually used to bring your attention the woman and the baby rather than the robe itself.  Your eye is immediately drawn to the red, which curves around the baby and is of course draped over the woman.
I actually chose to put this painting in my gallery because in a way it does the opposite of what the others do.  There is so much red in this one your brain could label it as background color, or unimportant, and it is her skin and the flower which pop out at the viewer.
The red dress in this painting directly contrasts the blues and greens of the sofa and wall, and even the girls legs, so that it pops out and away from the rest of the painting.
In this painting the red dress is almost directly in the center of the piece, drawing your eye to what is most important first.
The reds in here are near the brightest parts of the person's body, and further heighten your attention on them.
The red curtain here is supposed to bring your attention to the cherubs, showing the innocence of the girl.
The red drapes in this painting are supposed to keep your attention focused on the woman, so you know she is the important part of this work.
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