The culture of Pakistan & Nepal

Aaliyah Segura period 4

I chose this picture because it is sad how they get earthquakes and have to start all over, and rebuild pretty much everything
I think this picture is emotional because this young kid is working, but he doesn't have good shoes, and does not look healthy.
I chose this because its a really cool picture of the statue, but also how it didnt get affected by the earthquake as much as everything else.
This picture is kinda sad because this is how these people live, and it looks like they are in poverty, and cant afford to live in a good home.
This picture shows their art and it is really beautiful picture.
I guess this picture shows their military power and might represent their country as a whole.
This picture shows how beautiful the landscape is in this region.
I also chose this picture because the scenery is amazing and might show how people might live in this area
This shows the Lahore Museum at night, and is gorgeous. This could also show more about the culture and bring more tourism to this region.
I chose this because i think this might be an arranged marriage, and either they dont smile in pictures, or they arent happy, or possibly might not know each other very well. But what they where in wealth is beautiful.
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