Artistic Perspective

In this piece perspective plays an important role in bringing you into the scene it directs you to the back of the town.
In this piece it uses perspective in oder to make you feel like your spectating the memorial and are there in the audience.
This perspective makes you feel the vast expanse of the field.
This picture uses perspective in a way to lead your eye to the focal point which is the man on his horse.
In this painting perspective is use in a way to create a sense of space inside the room. 
In this piece perspective is used to give the corridor a grand.
In this piece perspective is used to create the bend in the waterway and help lead your eye. 
In this picture perspective is used to show how crowded the street are and it shows a large amount of distance.
Perspective is used to make the river look like its going into the distance making the scene look more realistic. 
Perspective in this piece gives you a sense of how large the convent hall is.
 Perspective is used t show how long this corridor is and the grandure of the whole area.
Perspective in this picture is used as a way to show how large this whole area is and how intricate the building are made.
perspectiveis used in this piece to give a sense of the room in and the area.
perspective is used in this piece to show how big this hall is and make it so big and filled with people.
perspective is used to show how much the people are lined up together .
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