The Past, Present, and Future of War - JERRY IORIO HOWELL

This gallery will represent the different feelings that comes with war, from women hard at work while the men are overseas to the mourning that comes when you lose a loved one. This gallery will also include many artist's representation of certain wars. Past, Present and Future points more towards the feeling of war than the history of it.

Port Mahon, Minorca with the British Men of War depicts a far away shot on top of a hill over looking the bay with boats docked and men working the crops. I would say they are gathering food for rations. The painting is soft and uses a limited palette of colors giving it a very organic feel.
Recruit's Progress: Medical Inspection depicts military recruits going through the first steps in joining the military. The focal point of this painting in the naked man being examined by the doctors. The painting is dark in nature and shows the gloom of potential war.
Gassed and Wounded shows men bleeding and beat up from the atrocity of war. The painting is centered around the solider with the heavy shadow on his face. There is good balance of light and dark The lines are soft and feel organic.
Youth Mourning is a painting of a women in the nude crying on the beach. The paintings focal point is the women she is centered and brighter than the rest of the painting. The lines are very round, feel soft and brings a calm feeling with it.
Over the Top shows military men climbing out of ditch in the snow moving forward towards the mission. The snow takes up most of the space but gives it a bright feel like they are accomplishing something. The texture in this painting is excellent showing footsteps and drifts. The artist uses proportion to show depth.
Memories of the War shows military equipment not being used anymore, retired and on display. The painting is very textured and has a old antique feel. Focal point is the jacket and the use of light helps show that. Unity is alive and well in this painting as everything goes together.
Ruby Loftus screwing a Breech-ring is showing a women making making weapons in a factory. The focal point is the women working. The color in this painting feels like the 1940's with great saturation. The lines are clean feel real. This painting feels very realistic with the glare from the lights on the tools. The painting feels like is is moving I think because of the pose from the worker.
The Menin Road is a geometric landscape painting as the artist uses shapes to make up the landscape. The painting uses hard lines with sharp corners which makes it feel aggressive. The color palette is very plain but the artist uses it well with shadows on the mountains. Also the texture feels rocky and does give it more of a real world feel.
Paths of Glory shows dead soldiers in the trenches. The painting is very muddy with paint mostly using brown with highlights of blue. The use of color makes this painting what it is because there isn't much texture. This painting has unity as everything flows together. The artist uses proportion to show depth.
War and Peace is a bright painting and photoshopped type of art with military and family undertones. The color is very vivid and makes you feel happy. Repetition works here as it feels like different families are celebrating there loved ones coming home. The photoshopped feel to this art is a little off putting but is something different pretty much the artist used a picture of a hilly landscape and photoshopped items into the landscape.
Credits: All media
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