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One thing I like about this piece is that it has plenty of different colors in it . Another thing I like about this piece is how if you look at it close it looks like the line make the scales of a reptile.I think the artist intended to make this piece look like a map from far away. Its also interesting how you can see a lot of words and symbols in the picture also.
One thing I like about this picture is the different colors the artist uses. I also like the effects he used to male the picture look as if it was swaying and moving. I think that the artist was trying to make it look as if the picture was moving and make it as if everything was more realistic and swaying in the wind.
I like this piece of art because it really catches your eye and makes you look at all the different things inside if you look closer. The one thing i notices i that the artist uses a lot of crosses and stick figures. I think that the artist is trying to paint a picture in your head and make you make a story out of the different images in this piece.
I like how you can look at this picture and many things can pop into your head and you can see different things. When I look at the picture I can see a angel with wings flying into the sky. I also like the texture of this piece and how it has a creamy look to it. I think that the artist intended make the person looking at this piece wonder what it really is and create something with their own imagination.
I like this picture because it looks very realistic. Another reason I like it is because the scenery looks very beautiful and is very peaceful to look at. I think that the artist intended to capture the whole beauty of the waterfall by trying to show everything around it like the skies and the water falling.
I like this picture because it is symmetrical. I also like all of the patterns and different lines that the artist used and all of the details in all of the patterns .I think that the artist was trying to focus the person attention looking at the piece to the center of it.
I like this picture because of all of the different color of blues the artist used. I also like how he only used a few different colors for this specific piece. I think the artist did that to make the moon stand out more and have it grab your eye.
I like this piece because I had to make a painting like this before and it isn't easy at all and i know the artist did a lot of work trying to make this.I also see that he used a lot of contour before he started paining in.
I like how the artist used a lot of different shades of yellow to differ from the water and the sky and I also like how it looks like they blend into each other. The artist also does that on the right side of the piece too with the tree and the cliff. The artist uses more detail in other areas to make it differ.
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