A gallery full of portraits that include many lines, include, value, and all the elements of art.

This print shows many, many lines to show the roads that this place is made up of.
This painting also has many lines like in the buildings, you can tell it is a strong building because of the bold, vertical lines
The lines in this skull are strong in a different way from the building in the last one, you can tell where everything is or is supposed to be
The lines that are the branches of the trees in this painting look a little curved and weak making the painting seem kind of sad although its supposed to be a pretty sunrise
The violins here look strong because of the vertical lines that make strings
The lines in this painting make it seem crazy, rushed,and like timid or scared
This painting makes everything seem sad because of the lines that form the clouds and the dark and gloomy color of everything
For this painting I kind of get mixed emotions because with the birds it seems like it's supposed to be happy but with some grey clouds it throws it off
This looks very strong because of the use of these vertical and bold lines all around it
This car looks like it could probably collapse at any time because of the curved lines in the wheels and all over the car
Credits: All media
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