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This gallery includes gorgeous sculptures and casts of Greek gods and goddesses. Many of them are extremely detailed and make you think about how patient artists in this field had to be in order to create these. 

This is a small cast of Theseus killing the minotaur in the maze. Though it is small and simple, the muscle structures of both beings are present and show that there is a struggle between them.
Hercules is perceived as a large strong man in this sculpture, which is accurate to the myth. Movement is placed in this with animals grabbing at his waist, and you can imagine him swinging the club while walking.
Made of cast bronze on a pearly background. Medusa seems like she is crawling out of the center of the white background. Though this is cast, the detail of the hair is great.
An extremely detailed sculpture of the goddess of the hunt. Rightfully placed outdoors. She looks as if she is going to pull back her bow and fire an arrow. This looks like such a natural setting.
Apollo, god of the sun. This piece is sculpted from granite and placed outside at a palace, rightfully so. I'm sure it was once beautiful white stone, but 200 years outside and left it to the elements
This sculpture of Aphrodite looks like it was made from jade, or some other kind of green stone. Her posture in this says it all, she is a powerful women. And she has a powerful husband, Hephaestus.
Though it is small, this sculpture has amazing detail. It gives me mixed feeling, the story of Hades and Proserpine is dark but also a love story if you think about it in the right way.
This bust represents Aristotle as we know him. The texture of his beard and hair are astounding, even his skin looks as if it were real. Craftsmanship at this level would have been rare in 25 AD.
Herm of Hermes is a simplistic bust. Though it is tall. Hair textures are there but it seem to be unfinished, almost as if it was going to become a completed statue.
It's almost as if you're looking at the man himself. The wrinkles in his skin are present, creating a believable texture of skin. Even the detail in his hair is incredible, down to every last curl.
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