Death's Loving Embrace

This gallery will include representations of how artists throughout the ages have viewed death.

The relief of the this sculpture shows Ah-Puch. The god of death appears to be holding an item of some kind while standing pigeon toed. A crown adorns the skeleton's head as a sign of importance.
Riddled with symbolism, the reaper comes for his soul. The angel and Jesus try to save the man's soul. The eye is drawn to the red bed as the main focal point where the man tries to pay off death.
In a poetic stance, this realistic statue holds a golden horn. The texture of his skin clinging to the bone appears so real. Even without a face, this figure appears to have a longing expression.
The Death of Adonis portrays the death of the beautiful young man who was loved by both Venus and Persephone. In the end, he dies in Venus' arms. The emotion on the faces show a period of mourning.
This statue portrays the death of the last Egyptian Queen. The frantic look in her aid's face and the stance tells us she wanted to save her queen. Very little negative space between the figures.
The chiaroscuro brings the focus to Alcestis like heaven calling her up. Her husband's bright red also attracts attention. The child's robe is pale for youth as he says goodbye to his mother.
Abel looks innocent and childlike, almost like he's sleeping. The texture of his loincloth clashes with the smooth texture of his skin. His hair and toes hang off the stand making him the main focus.
The difference in the color between the sky and the foliage gives the illusion she ascended. Her vibrant white gown contrasts his dark earthy tone makes her seem like an angel; him saddened by loss.
The muted colors give reinforces the ending of a life. The emphasis of the rich red tones demonstrate the opulence of this wealthy figure. Her wrinkled face shows shock and fear for death.
This abstract cubism like piece is mostly in dark complementary colors. The negative space dark blue, the figures dark orange. The lines are emphasized and Death is easily recognized versus the man.
Dark and foreboding, Death looks like a sinister villain. The other side looks like a lifetime wrapped in a cloth bright in color. The negative space between life and death is vast for the painting.
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