Harmony and discord of emotions 

Showing the happy, upbeat arts along with the sad, slow art.

To me, Free and leisure was a fun way of showing the joy in people. In my perspective, I saw a group of friends laughing.
Nighthawks to me was always a mysterious photo, but with an interesting background story. I see a man who is going to get a drink and try and forget his worries, but ends up feeling lonely at the sight of two lovers.
Mathematics is a fun, upbeat photo, showing two bears that create a panda! For some reason, this makes me get the feel of 'the more the merrier'.
I see the thinker as a smart person, thinking, trying to know more.
The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this untitled painting is "interesting". The wacky and demented feeling this picture gives off makes you curious into knowing more about the idea itself.
Whenever I see this painting, I immediately think "I know that feel". While that may sound incredibly corny, I know that it can be tough when something you worked so hard on goes straight down the drain.
I always get a lonely feeling that comes over me whenever I see this photo. In the foreground you see what looks like a deserted junkyard, with a colorful child's toy in the bottom-left coroner. In the background we see the remains of a sadly crumbling city. Seeing the gray clouds even gives it a creepy feeling. But all of the things you can imagine about this city makes it even more eerie just looking at it. Being forgotten, left to be lost in the past.
The reason I like this picture so much is because it shows the open, vast sea. Now, I do have a fear of the ocean, especially the deeper waters, but the sense of adventure I get on a boat is like nothing else.
Separation, to me is a strong painting, about a man who's love has either broken up with him or he has been turned down the offer to be loved. While the painting's style might not be the most detailed, you can clearly see the pain that the man is going through.
Whenever I look back at history I see the good, and the horrible bad. Through history, people learn from their mistakes, and make them. I feel very drawn to this painting, with a man looking back at all of the mistakes that were made, all of the bad deeds that were done, but also the good things that happened. Those are important things that especially need to be remembered.
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