I made this gallery to show how all the different seasons can make you feel different emotions, just by the way that the artist made them. They can make you fell joyful, happy, sad, alone or depressed.

I choose this artwork of "Autumn Leaves" because I just think that it really embraces autumn with its colors . When you see it , it makes you think of a cool fall day.The blue in the back really makes the orange/red pop.
I choose the artwork "The Pink Orchard" because it is really calm , and it makes me think of spring. The spring that is right after fall, and it is still kind of chilly. I love that time of the year.
I choose this artwork because I think it really think that the artist did a great job with the colors. Also the flowers blooming make me think of spring.
I choose this artwork because it makes me feel sad and kind of desolate. It almost looks like the people are lonely, maybe grieving. The red/orange trees remind me of fall, but it looks like there is snow on the path.
I choose this piece of artwork because it reminds me of a sunrise in the morning of spring. It is a little bit foggy, which I think gives it a mysterious look.
This reminds me of an autumn day. The movement in the trees make me feel like it is a little bit windy out, but the clear sky gives me a feeling of calmness.
I choose this artwork because winter is such a pretty season . In this artwork it looks like everyone is having a great time. The sky is beautiful and the snow looks really shimmering.
This reminds me of a windy end-of-spring day. The people in it look like they are running or scared from something. The colors that the artist used make me think there is a storm coming or something.
This makes me think of a *** summer day. It looks very dry out, and it looks almost dusty out, but there is a very nice sky in the background.
I think this painting was done in the spring. All the beautiful flowers are blooming, all different colors, and it is nice and sunny out
Credits: All media
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