One point perspective

Foreground is the first arch. The middle ground is the two buildings combined by a bridge. The background is everything within the last arch.
Foreground: Begins with the grass line and flowers. Middle ground: The blue and yellow flowers that are further back than the front line. Background: The city along with the beam and sun.
Foreground:the desk and the coat on it. Middle ground: The woman, window and chest on the desk. Background: The wall and curtain.
Foreground: The people to the left observing a statue. Middle ground: The people standing further back on the right with 2 dogs. Background: The temple itself.
Foreground:The shadow on the left and the beginning of the line running down the slabs. Middle ground: The first garage door. Background: The garages going back to the building, as well as the sky.
Foreground: Rows 7-13 (The dots don't seem to be getting close to each other yet.) Middle ground: Rows 6-1 (The dots seem to be collapsing on each other. Background: The white background.
Foreground: The angels playing instruments. Middle ground:Jesus crowning the Virgin on the podium. Background:The angels standing watching the coronation.
Foreground: Two Columns on the right. Middle ground: The women walking as well as the next set of columns. Background: The next building along with it's people.
Foreground: The people in front of the first building to the left. Middle ground: The buildings on both sides, along with the people going back to the church. Background: The church and sky line.
The foreground is the first six "rocks" in the front. The middle ground are the "rocks" that fade and have larger shadows. The background is the rocks that you are no longer able to discern.
Credits: All media
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