The renaissance

The Renaissance is literally the meaning of rebirth for a culture movement between the middle ages and modern history. It represents a time where everyone start expressing their culture through art, literature, music, and more. I chose this topic because I admire how it was brought about a movement of creativity.

During this time period many people had times where all they could rely on was their religion so this depicts the crucification of Christ I c hose this picture because it symbolizes faith.
The Lucca Madonna is a painting during this time that references a lot of the conflicts people thought during the last judgement. I chose this art work because of the reference it made with the apple.
This great work or art brought about many speculations about who the picture was portraying. Some assumed it was a known man's mistress which is why I decided to add this to the collection for its elegance
The peaches are the focus point in the painting which is drawn with such colors that give it a realistic feel making me chose this for the collection for its realism
Adam and Eve portrayed the beginning and for the renaissance this helps the idea of rebirth become established. The two was viewed as a powerful couple who choices marked the start of life.
This artwork shows modest and helps represent what some woman were like during this time and what people thought to be pure. I chose this because it shows beauty in its own words.
The landscaping during this time was very rural and had some type of look that create a ancient vibe. I picked this to give an idea of the landscaping that was viewed during this period.
The Magi represented strong men who people looked up to at that time. I chose this work because it shows that role models influence everyone in some way.
The Virgin Mary is a story told amongst plenty of people to signify its importance to the birth of Jesus. Is included in this collection because how it references the bible.
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