Northern renaissance art - Realism :P

All these paintings are amazing. They have a lot of details in them that make the painting stand out. They make the paintings seem really realistic and shocking. I say shocking because Bosch made all his paintings very interesting. Its partly weird but it captures peoples eye's. The art was very important in the history of the Northern Renaissance because "Northern Renaissance" refers to fine art. Northern Renaissance was famous for their oil paintings techniques and many other things like the woodcuts, etc. These paintings amaze the people and is what people want to see.

This picture shows realism because rogier made it look very realistic by the way the faces and everything was painted stood out of the picture.
This picture was very interesting to me. I like how he made the women look like a old man. This picture really pops out at you.
This painting is religious. It has many people in this painting showing emotions toward Jesus. Lucas made it realistic and its a nice painting.
I've seen this painting and it's very disturbing. It has many things that would make u stare at it. Its an interesting painting and its popular.
Jan van eyck really went all out on his paintings because he would put in every single detail in the painting. Its amazing how he did it. His paintings are very realistic.
In this painting, Jan Van Eyck put a lot of work into it. He made it very realistic and it really catches my eyes.
This painting amazes me because I'm very surprised on how much effort he put into this painting every little detail is in this painting.
This painting is just like the crucifixion.There is just less people in the painting. But I like how much colors were in this painting to make it eye-catching.
This painting is very odd but interesting. I like this painting is amazing.
This painting is quiet interesting. I like how its colorful and that might be the reason why I chose it. Things are small and big in this painting. This painting is very nice and beautiful.
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