Color Schemes

examples of primary, secondary, cool, warm, realistic, non realistic, monochromatic, complementary color schemes

The colors kind of give off a vintage feel, which makes it seem a bit more melancholy and like we're looking into a memory. It also slightly reminds of a child, the way the colors all brigh t& simple
Secondary colors - orange, purple, and green seems dreamy and kind of pastel,maybe wants to show that the woman reading her book is in a dream or that the author reamed about her
cool colors make me feel really calm and collected. It feels cold and peaceful, possible because the title is a cold spring harbor and he wanted to show it's coldness.
It makes me feel cozy and happy and warm, and the artist intentionally did this because he wanted to show how inviting and comfortable the inside of a room is by showing it's warmth
realistic This photo makes me want to sneeze, because that's what it do on cold mornings. It seems like he woke up one early cold morning to watch the sunrise
unrealistic color This makes me think of broccoli because of all the green, and also reminds me of a thunderstorm because the sky is yellow and pink and green and tense, like before a storm
This makes me feel cold, but still majestic, and it's really pleasing to look at because it all the same color and there's not one color popping out so you can interpret it however you want
The complementary color scheme makes me feel conflicted because there's these two colors and they completely go against each other, so it takes away from the peacefulness
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