The Harlem renaissance

By: Lennart Droege

This Picture Illustrates the styles of music that The Harlem renaissance influenced.
This Shows that while Harlem was very close to other neighborhoods, It was separated by the river and the bridge.
Aaron Douglas was a painter, and this portrait says a lot about the artistic styles that harlem influenced.
This Shows how busy harlem was, and how much was going on on any given day.
This Shows how harlem influences styles that are not classical, with this artists' depiction of Greene Street.
This Shows How World war 1 influenced Harlem. It shows how African americans influenced the outcome of the war.
This shows a lot of the African american culture that was present, especially in the deep south.
This is another picture that shows the nightlife of harlem, and how people mingled with one another.
This is another picture that shows that there were benefits to african americans that happened because of WW1.
This picture shows how music influenced harlem,and what the music did to influence this particular artist.
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