SOY JOy - Joesepher Bermudez

"Soy" is spanish for "I am”. All of the paintings I chose represent some form of joy. Everyone experiences joy differently. With ten paintings in the gallery, my goal is for the viewer to feel joy from at least one of them. Once the viewer finds the painting that provides them the joy they need, they say “Soy Joy” and the feelings may multiply.

This piece portrays a woman dancing out in a courtyard accompanied with musicians in the background with spectators. You can see that based off of facial expressions of everyone who is painted that everyone is celebrating some type of joyous occasion. You can also see in the background that most people are clapping along to the music. It looks to be an upbeat song. You can also tell based off of the color choice the painter used it’s very brightly colored, showing happy colors.
This piece portrays what seems to be a celebration of some sort. This event has some drinking going on and you can tell this by the wine jars scattered throughout and also a few people actually appear as if they are drunk; there is even a man that may have drank a little too much on the bottom right side of the portrait. There is dancing going on to the tune of bagpipes played by a man standing on a barrel.
This painting portrays a little girl packed and ready to go on a trip. By the look of her rosy cheeks and her big smile, she is definitely ready and willing for any destination. I don’t know if she knew where she was going, but as you can see she made sure not to forget a thing. Not even her puppy. There are a lot of great shapes in this painting, like the circle serving as the back drop and the two squares on either side of the girl to represent destination points.
This is a painting of of what seems to be a formal, yet slightly informal gathering. The reason why I say this is that certain people to the right of the portrait seem to be more high class as opposed to the people on the left side who are carrying bottles of what I presume to be alcoholic beverages. In the middle of the portrait it shows both sides coming together and dancing to two bagpipers sitting on a rock. One thing I noticed where the colors really represent what the painter may have been going for the is that the right side having the upper class was much brighter than the left side of the portrait.
This portrait is very colorful and bright. It portrays a young boy at an exciting moment in his life. The top left corner shows him receiving a gift. The bottom right corner shows him receiving what could easily be identified as money. The middle main focal point shows the young boy holding a math test that he got a score of 100.
This piece seems to be silhouette of a father and daughter having a precious moment. If you look closely they must have just been ending a game of Connect 4. The daughter is hanging from the bar on the window and it reminded me of the windows in Puerto Rico. Most of the houses there have bars on their windows. I love the not so perfect squares and circles the artist used to portray these things.
This is a picture that screams joy. From the wavy lines to the multiple colors, it’s everything that represents joy. I say they represent joy because if you think about it a wavy line is the same shape a smile would make. As far as colors go, the brighter the colors the more happiness one feels.
This is a portrait that shows a square within a square, one being solid white and the other one being digital patterned. On top that squared platform lays a medicine bottle with the cap opened and the pills spilled out from it. On the medicine bottle is a big yellow happy face. The pills that are coming out of the bottle are also shaped the same and have the same happy face on them.
This is a portrait of an older lady with a red dress and a white bonnet. The details on her face are what represent joy in this picture. From the little wrinkles around her forehead, eyes, and cheeks to the very glimmer in her blue eyes, you can tell that this lady had lived life to the fullest enough to smile about it.
This is a mask, brown in color, with lines that are very wavy. From the slant in his eyes to the round of his cheeks down to his smile, this mask fully portrays joy to whomever wears it. You can see the mask actually has a faint drawing of hair and eyebrows on it, using vertical lines for his hair and horizontal lines for his eyebrows.
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