Element of texture

You can see the grooves in the ladder making it look old to the straw on the ground with it coming up at all different angles would be actual texture with is by your sense of touch.
The architecture on the top of each terrace with the rough and complex edges to the still water sitting inside gives visual interest to the feel of the photo.
You can see the implied texture that was created by the lighting of the leaves making them look curled or dying. The sharp tips done with small brushed reminds us of the the pain thorns can cause.
The lines in the bottom show the the rigid effect of the curve also the oval shaped of the groove. The wood is sanded so you also would tell that it should feel rough.
You can see the lines that are made in the mountains and trees to make them look "rocky" however you can see the small lines in the elephant to make the illusion of 3D rather than 2D.
The visual texture of the animals is known with the strokes being small and adding this 3D effect. If you look at the turkey you can see how the feathers look soft and layered.
This whole piece is about texture, you would not be able to have this plaque if it was not indented to where the ox is visible or the house.
The layering in the rock to make it look real and have the rough side, while the lake to the left is able to have the look of small waves.
Although this is a picture of metal casting you are able to see the heat of the fire and the sparks of how dangerous it would be if this touched your skin.
The painter was able to show the wheat and the complex layers that it took to create the wheat. With the softer inner to the sharper corners.
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