Effects of Globalization

Maryam Alkhayyat

The voyage allows sharing of knowledge, understanding and diversity; tied to both the port of departure and arrival
A very interesting representation of the effect of globalization on the spread of ideas and human movement/migration. It represents how cultural boundaries are gradually fading away as the world becomes one
The movement and texture shows how cities are really diverse and unstatic on the inside, which challenges the stereotypical view that all people in cities live a decent, fulfilled life
Like the previous image, painting the houses of the slum in different colors symbolizes the different stories of its people; every house has its unique story.
Again, this connects to the two previous images and the idea of what a city looks like. Layering of rooftops and the creating movement which the audience is allowed to walk over emphasizes diversity of slum
The sculpture shows a negative view of the affect of culture. The "face" already has many labelings (represented by different colors) which blocks the view of who he really is
The artist uses artificial flowers to symbolize how artificial the world has become due to the gap between the world of social media and the physical world.
Unlike the european cinderella, in this photograph, the artist uses the color of the dress and the woman's ethnicity to represent cultural assimilation yet agin
To represent diversity in the town, a woman is presented wearing textiles which represent different nations. This is an example of cultural assimilation and positive diversity
Just as the previous mural, the use of a diverse group of flowers which represent different cultures symbolizes how beauty can bloom when diversity is accepted
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