Between the lines

15 works of art all using line to portray the subject.         By Chris Castaneda

This piece uses the black line character in the middle of the paint can to really pop with the contrast of the barren can.
Using simple lines, this artist was able to create a scissor lift on a wall. This lines in this piece make it feel as if the piece is moving.
The use of line to here helps but together a composition of a tree with nice shadow made with lines.
This subtle line piece depicts a ship on the ocean and the waves crashing around the hull.
This piece made with only lines is able to create the form and shadows of the people.
The flowing lines in this piece create a mood on tranquility and calmness.
This line drawing uses very intricate lines to create the texture of the clothes they are wearing.
The short lines in this piece come together to create this vivid picture of a tiger and a horse.
This piece uses simple line shapes to create a portrait of a woman.
Again, a simple line drawing is ale to portray so a woman with very minimal detail needed to show her.
This minimalist line drawing uses very quick lines to create form.
This sketch uses rough lines to give the appearance of texture to the person.
This piece also utilizes the rough lines to give the appearance of texture to the man.
The quick lines all come together to give the appearance of a monkeys face.
And Finally, This piece uses lines to gives just enough for the viewer to make out the shapes of corpses and a war-torn scene.
Credits: All media
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