Importance of Atmospheric Perspective in Art

I chose this piece because of the detail that can be seen in the clouds, which is done with atmospheric perspective. The clouds in the front look big, but then get smaller and go back into space.
This is a very beautiful piece using the Atmospheric perspective. You can see that the river is placed farther back into space, and that the mountains are the focal point.
Although this piece doesn't have a narrow, straight-forward 1 point perspective, it still features an atmospheric perspective. The focal point can be found at the mountains.
This painting contributes a unique atmospheric perspective. Not only does the shoreline create a path for your eyes to follow, but the girl in red also serves as a focal point. Color is used to attract attention.
The atmospheric perspective in this piece almost places you inside of the forest just from looking at it. Not only does the size of the objects such as trees change as they descend into space, but color as well. It appears as if sunlight light is shining through the trees.
This piece is very simple, but yet very affective at the same time. A 2 point perspective is used in this painting, as you can see the corner of the house in the back, as well as atmospheric perspective; which comes to play in the sky and the buildings in the distance.
Everything about this piece is important when it comes to the atmospheric perspective. The size of the trees are a big part of it, which get smaller as they approach the focal point, the people decrease in size as well. The clouds also help bring the piece to life.
I chose this piece because it uses atmospheric perspective to place you right there, in front of the gates to cemetery. The focal point is clear, it being the large pointed gravestone, and the artist uses the entire background to lead your eyes to the focal point. He has the ground slanted, there is an opening in the trees right above the focal point, and of course, it is between the gate.
This author, Albert Bierstadt, brought atmospheric perspective to its upmost potential in this piece. He uses the opening in the ground to lead you towards the focal point, which takes you pack in space. The path gets smaller, and the farther you are in the distance. Everything is very detailed in this piece, the trees the clouds, and of course the mountains which are the focal point.
Atmospheric perspective is used in this piece, placing things such as the tree house, the mountains in the distance, and the slant of the hill all around the focal point, which happens to be the two people laying down. What I enjoyed most about this piece however was the opening in the clouds at the top, which also serve to bring you back in space.
Just by glancing at this image, it immediately gained my attention. Without even fully examining the piece, I got a good idea of how much work was put into developing such a detailed environment. Everything from the color of where the light is reflecting off of the water, to the big cliff in the distance all contribute towards the atmospheric perspective that is displayed.
This piece incorporates atmospheric perspective, but in a more simple manner than all the other pieces used. Because of this, I find the piece very unique. The forests and hills lead you back in space, directing your eyes to the one big mountain which is the focal point. This piece gives off a very smooth, relaxing vibe in result of its warm colors.
This piece demonstrates 1 point perspective in the streets of a small town. I chose this because I found the opening in the walkway between the two buildings very unique, as they serve as the focal point and contribute a lot to the overall piece.The shadows give a very real-life feel to the piece as well.
This piece incorporates an atmospheric perspective that is led by the opening in the patch of ice, directing you towards the focal point. As the size of the opening decreases, you are taken back in space.
I chose this piece due to its immaculate detail and use of atmospheric perspective. Everything from the lighting effects on the water, which give a mirror reflection, all the way to the detail in the buildings and trees make for a wonderful design.
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