The Textures of Nature

This gallery consists of pieces of how artists used texture to show detail in nature.

In most of Van Goghs pieces he uses texture to show great detail from afar but up close it is sometimes misleading and difficult to see what he is trying to show.
I like how Cappelen uses two different textures to detail both a dead tree and a live tree side by side.
I liked the different textures in the leaves to give a detail for each individual leaf.
I liked the use of texture to make the branch pop out from the rest of the painting while everything else appears to be flat and 2D.
Much like van Gogh i liked how Monet could use texture to show an almost photographic image from afar but from a close perspective it seemed like a totally different image.
In this piece I really liked the texture of the clouds that almost appear to be rolling behind the trees.
In this painting i liked the textures of the water and how it reflected the mountain and sun.
I liked the textures of both the far away mountain and the trees below and how Martins use of texture really gave this piece a photographic feel.
I liked how van Gogh used small and heavy brush strokes to show this Garden of flowers.
In this piece i liked the use of lines to give a texture to the clouds and how he used mostly lines and not color to make his trees stand out and look realistic.
Monet's used of brush strokes to define the leaves of this willow is why i really like this piece.
The use of white to contrast with the dark bark of the trees to give a dark atmosphere of nature is what i liked about this painting.
Again with this piece i like how he used heavy lines to give texture to his work.
I liked how Bamberger used textures to give intricate details in the ground and trees.
I liked the texture used on the pedals of this flower to make it seem almost photographic.
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