Dreamland - Jiaxin Qi

Dreams are always based on reality, but they are usually far more imaginative and fantastic than the reality. Some inventive artists decide to use their creativities to express themselves and entertain viewers by creating surrealist artworks. Dreams do not always make sense, so do these paintings.

The male's head and the female's body are empty inside. There are only shattered skins left. There might be some stories or relationship between the male and female. It makes me curious.
One of the reasons that I love this painting is I have no clue what this painting is about. Those colorful objects have strange shapes. People are scared of the things they do not know.
This looks like a mountain with different textures on it. I like the contrast between the two sides of the mountain. The movement in the painting also attracts my attention. The cave inside the mountain makes viewers want to know what kinds of things will be in it.
There are an old woman and a bird-like person bathing a red bird. The sky is grey and the people are wearing black. The red colour stands out. Black is depression, and red is passion, which can make a big contrast.
I don't know what kinds of objects are combined in this piece. All I can tell is the feeling of powerful. Those straight lines and sharp corners are aggressive. This painting makes me think of revolution.
The artist drew the frame for the painting, which created a great illusion. Why is there a wardrobe with wings flying under the cloudy sky? Why is the man sitting next to an ear? Those questions might never have answers because that is how surrealism works.
The first thing came into view was that red ball. I thought that was a red sun but then I found that the trees were holding the red ball up. Trees can not hold a sun up, and human legs can not move without upper body. When I was trying to find some clues in the title, the title was about ear, which I did not expect to see.
This is hilarious but also very creative and unexpected. Looking at the title, spring water is supposed to be something people can drink or something between mountains. All we cab see in this picture is a flower, a seashell, blue sky and grass. It is kind of makeing sense because flower symbolizes spring and seashell means sea and water.
The viewers will think of times when they see the pocket watches, but what is the deal between snail shells and watches? There is a red wrench on the frame of the painting. What did the artist aim for? The paintings that can make viewers think deeply are what I am looking for.
This is an artwork that can bring pleasure to me. The colors on the top part and the bottom part create contrast, but the color transfers smoothly. The sticks that come from the middle part also bring balance.
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