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This image shows Primary Triadic because it shows the 3 primary colors which are red, yellow, and blue.The blue and red colors are shown in as the background of the coke cola background and the yellow color is shown on the soldiers.
This image is Secondary Triadic because it contains orange, green, and purple. the long as an orange/yellow color the top of the tree are green and the tree trunks have a hint of purple.
Warm colors are said to be visually and emotionally exciting. Warm colors are more like fire and it involves red, yellow, orange. Just like in the painting the color changes to another warm color after the other.
This image is Split-Complementary because its two main colors are blue and light blue and there's not so much tension within the picture
Monochromatic is the technique of using one color. As demonstrated in this artwork, the manipulation of red is shown throughout the mountains. White and black do not count as colors so in this picture, red is the only color shown which is an example of monochromatic.
This painting is a Tertiary painting because there are on primary color and one secondary color that are mixed and it makes orange so this is an example of it.
This image has Cool Colors. The different tones of blue with a bit of a high contrast makes the details pop out to the viewer.
This image is Complementary because it contains all of the colors that are diagonally opposite from each other. For example, the red and green.. orange and blue.
This image shows Analogous because the different shades of blue all combine and mix together making the image look calm and soothing. The different shades of blue are very alike none of them are too dark or too light.
This is Tetradic because is has a mixture of primary and secondary colors.
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