Nicolas Lancret, a well-known 18th Century artist, was best known fobetween art and creative nature. A man known for the elegant display of family and togetherness paintings, really caught people's r his realism in paintings and tying the knot attention in a positive way. Every single painting tells a story, in such that it creates a sense of harmony within his style of expression. Knowing the passion he had for togetherness in a picture really set him apart from a lot of other artists in the 18th Century.

I chose this picture because it is a great example of the genre of painting Lancret mastered known as "Fete galante". Popular in the eighteenth century, this resembled a woman's invitation to dance.
This picture represents a couple holding a conversation in a park-like setting in a loving manner. Lancret uses soft colors and a bright sky to give of the effect of a caring and compassionate time.
I chose this picture because it represents Lancrets versatility from his earlier paintings to his late ones. He usually paints wealthy and rich adults but in this portraits he paints kids having fun.
I chose this portrait simply to highlight the fact that Lancret's work became so popularized that he was asked to do several paintings of famous politicians and actors such as the Actor Grandval.
Known for his colorful artistic approach to drawing, Lancret also painted black and white paintings particularly of weddings, balls, and evening parties. This painting right here signifies a party.
This portrait, "L'enfance", meaning "the infancy" shows early stages of childhood and the development of family. I chose this picture because Lancret creates an idea where a lot is happening at once.
This painting shows Lancret's abstract painting style and also points out the women complementing each other of what they both have on. Hard to tell but the dress size signifies their wealth.
This picture Lancret created of a young lady on a see-saw I believe signified the joy of life and its ups and down that come along with it. I chose this picture because it has more meaning behind it.
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