See how art has changed with time

see how the man in this painting, has the look of give up. the contrast and the low lighting makes it more a depress feel.
The texture is more of a rough look, which makes the painting look old. The color choices of mostly red make it more of a pop and catches the viewers eyes
The art parts looks unfinished because of it light lines, and the shading. The choice of having no pop of color makes it very glooming.
The darkens on her face that is caused by her hat makes her look mysterious and confident because she also wearing a bold color, red. The texture on her skin looks very smooth.
The facial expression of the black smith looks expositional look. As he is fine with life and doesn't mined working, same for his partner. The shine on his boots to me means he is very clean and organized.
The look on the young girl, playful and foolish. The men face show that he is serious will the older lady looks as she is also strict. The hand position of the young girl, with her finger on her chin also shows she is playful
The way the painter curve the painting makes it seem as you are far away and zooming in the painting. The contrast of the painting makes it seem more realistic.
This painting show how protective the mother is, and how she will choice her child over her self. The baby face shows how peaceful it sleeps know her/his mother is watching over.
The color choices for the background make the lady pop out more, making her skin look more pale. The clothes shows what there style was, covered head to toe and lots of ruffles
The shadows and contrast makes the painting look more mysterious, as if Washington might be knows as a bright man, but has a dark past. Instead of make Washington pop out with bright colors, like make his pale make him blend in the background.
This painting show how it was back then, all green and blue skies. The little details of the trees shows how the painter uses different brushes, making it look more realistic.
The texture and color choice makes the fruit look as if it was rotting. Using shadows make the objects pop out more, making it look realistic.
This painting give me idea of how the style was back then, but this time instead of having white hair this lady has dark brown. Including the chair and the red cloth that is detailed
This a painting with art in the painting, all the art through time and the theories of thinkers. This is one of my favorite because it painting of the time line.
The blur of this painting makes it seem a gloomy day, with the sun rise. The little details of adding the buildings and the reflection on the water.
The little strokes of different brushes and different colors of green on the tress give it more of a realistic look. The choice of adding people with there boats give me a visual idea of what they did back in the day
This is one of my favorite, because the blending skills and details on the fox fur and face makes it more realistic. The face expression on the red-fox is caused by the pain and shock of getting caught in a men trap.
This show the pyramid of power, who is mostly in power. Also the different types of birds that live all together. Also the details of different strokes and colors on the bird feathers.
I love the choice of only using mutual colors, white, gray, and black. The facial expression on the statue gives off a creepy mysterious feel.
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