Value Gallery

The gallery you will be looking at different types of values in an image such as High Contrast,Low Contrast and even the Value Scale, etc. The best part of this gallery is knowing the discription and the artist who drew the images that were picked for value.

This image by Abanindranath is High Contrast because the image in order to see the picture you have to squint and also the image is very blurry to see the design.
This painting by Pineda is very low contrast because the color he used are very dark and dull.
In this image you will look at value meaning the different shapes of colors for example the water goes from dark blue turning into white color.
In this image by Graciela lturbide You can see Low contrast because you see my white in the image than dark.Like for example the water and the clouds are white and the only thing black that pops out in the image would be the mountains or canyons far in the back ground.
In this image you will see Chiaroscuro because in the image you will see the background dark and the persons face white trying not to disappear just like the hair on the man how it dissapears in the darkness
In this image you can see has high contrast in the painting because the background is very dark and the only thing popped out is the white on the face even though the hair on the man is kinda blending in with the black background.
This drawing by Defehrt is high contrast because the different shading of each line, and the background is blended in.
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