I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. ~ Alexis Patterson

Value: This piece is a great example for value because it has the entire value scale in one painting. The person on the bottom is white. The people behind the white man are very dark. There is gray in the designs and the man at the top.
Color: There are many different colors in this painting. There is a mustard yellow color in the background. The elephants have brown, gray, and pink in them. There is blue, purple, pink, and white in the face at the bottom.
Lines: Van Gogh uses little lines to make up this entire painting. There are smooth, curved, lines in the wind. There are straight lines in the houses at the bottom of the painting. There are more curved lines in the stars.
Shape: There are a ton of shapes in this picture. There is a rectangle in the top right corner. There is a blue triangle in the top left corner. There is a semi-circle in the bottom right corner.
Texture: There are different textures in this painting. The green part of the skeleton is furry and rough. It looks like grass. The pink parts of the skeleton are more smooth. The teeth have a hard and smooth texture.
Form: There is form in this painting because everything appears to be 3-dimensional. The trees are bigger than the mountains, even though in reality the mountains would be much bigger than the trees. This shows that the trees are in front of the mountains. The mountains are farther away in the background.
Space: The top of the painting is all negative space. You can also see negative space inbetween the blades of grass. There is positive space in the ground and in the grass.
Credits: All media
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