the coolest color

I chose images that use purple as a cool color to counteract the warm colors elsewhere in the image.

I chose this painting because of the predominant purple within the painting, even though there are warm colors accenting.
Though a lighter purple, I really enjoy the way the purple hues reflect off the water.
Though this picture is comprised of cool colors, the purple still highlights this image very well.
This picture uses a fainter type of purple or lavender to accent this painting's lighting.
This painting uses purple as the primary color, with warmers being the accents.
The purple accents this painting by framing it.
Image uses purple to accent outline the mountains in this painting.
I added this image because Like the serenity of the purple glassware.
The purple moon works well with the dark blue vase as an accent.
I chose this image for my gallery because it highlights how well purple works as a, well, highlight as well as an accent.
I chose this piece because the purple stones accent this box in a more literal sense.
I really liked this picture, because of all the different shades and uses of purple.
This image also uses purple as kind of a base, tinting the whole painting with a light hue of purple.
The purple in the background balances the yellow hues and green of the foreground.
The purple in this picture is used to let us know what is the focus of the painting.
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