Everyday Hero's


When most people think of a hero they think of Batman or Superman, but there are many other hero's out there.
Some of the first hero's we meet are our parents. They are our hero's all throughout our lives.
The sacrifices they make for us to grow into the people we are. All the times we are hurt, sad, or just need a hug they are there.
Cops, Sheriffs, and Patrolmen are all hero's too. While they have been seen in bad light lately there are still wonderful ones out there. They will risk their lives and not seeing their families again just for your safety.
Firemen are also hero's. They will run into fire and unstable buildings just to try and save you.
Soldiers are some of the best hero's we have. They risk their lives just to make sure we are safe and can keep our freedoms. It's sad that us as a country do not do more to help them when they come home.
A teacher is also a hero. Some of them care for their students like they would their own children. They are also sometimes the only person a student feels they can really talk too.
Volunteers are hero's that help out of the kindness of their hearts. They come in all types like blood donors, disaster relief, or when help is just needed.
Doctors try to save lives daily. They stay calm and collected while in stressful situations.
Nurses are more than just hero's. They provide a level of care that can be unbelievable. After a surgery, having a kid, when you just don't feel well they are there.
Lastly are service animals. These animals provide a level of care that a human cannot. They can sniff out people and danger, sense medical problems happening before you even know.
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