The theme of this art gallery is portraits that represent potential vacation spots. As much as I love being at home, I also love to get away and visit some scenic and unique places around the world. There is a lot on this Earth that I have not witnessed, and that provoked my gallery idea of finding artworks depicting beautiful scenery where one would travel to for vacation. Each piece of art is different in its own way through the landscape or location. The goal of this gallery is to provide each viewer with a chance to imagine themselves spending vacation time at each place depicted by the art.

This piece of artwork depicts a beach in Spain that I believe would be a very appropriate place to visit for vacation. There are beautiful trees, surrounded by sand and it is located right on the ocean. What makes this a good vacation spot is the fact that it is a unique looking beach compared to what we have in the U.S. Also, the Rock of Gibraltar in the background serves as a nice view from the light blue water.
This piece of artwork reminded me of the coastline in Scotland or Ireland. If one were to visit these cliffs, there would be an amazing view overlooking the water. In addition to the view from the top of the cliffs, this place has a lot of nice grass for hiking across the rocks and hills. Overall, this artwork definitely represents a calm and scenic place to visit.
In this piece of artwork, the focus is on the snow-covered mountains in the middle of the portrait. This belongs in the gallery because the mountains serve as a place to visit, with a view of the surrounding lowlands. Below the mountains, there are waterways that could provide scenic transportation between the land. The artist was able to provide a peaceful image that would be an interesting place to witness.
This piece of artwork is a depiction of what it looks like when it rains in the tropical areas. To begin, the cliffs serve as a great viewpoint down to the waterfall, and also into the rainforest. This would be a good place to visit because the rainforest depicted would be filled with numerous different kinds of plants and animals to observe. Finally, the rainbow created from the rain would be an attraction in the sky to block out the downpour.
Australia has always been a place I want to visit because of how far it is and how diverse it looks. This piece of artwork is fitting for the gallery because Sidney is a great tourist attraction. One main reason is due to the famous harbor, giving people a view of all the passing boats. To conclude, the location of the river inbetween populated land areas would make an advantage for visitors.
This piece of artwork depicts beautifully-colored vegetation and rice terraces built on the sides of each mountain. I always believed rice pictures of rice terraces were very fascinating, and it would be even more intriguing to observe in-person. This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork in the gallery because it ties beauty in with history. Therefore, this image would make an ideal vacation spot with a cultural aspect.
The part of this artwork that got most of my attention was the detailed sky painted over the crashing wave. This piece definitely belongs in the gallery because the ocean has always been known as a place for leisure and excitement. As depicted in this situation, one could find entertainment from surfing the gigantic wave or simply watching it crash over the rocky shore. Also, the potential thunderstorm would be a great view over the waves.
This piece of artwork is one of the more straight-forward depictions. This desert scene is fitting in this gallery because it would be a very unique experience to travel across a desert. In addition to all the sand dunes going on for miles, riding on top of a camel would make the experience even more memorable. Visitors would definitely have a chance to get away from their normal lives and admire such a dry, arid landscape.
This piece of artwork is a beautiful and accurate depiction of the waterways in Venice, Italy. This image deserves a spot in the gallery because Venice is already a well-known vacation attraction. This is due to it's architecture and the fact that a boat is needed to get around the city. Therefore, it would be an ideal place to visit and observe all of the buildings while traveling right there on the water.
To conclude my gallery on the theme of vacation, this last piece of artwork shows an astonishing mix of clear water, animals, and abundant vegetation. This is fitting in the gallery because it serves as a tranquil place with scenery and also wildlife. The houses in this piece of artwork add more credibility to the theme as well, and there would be a phenomenal view of the mountains in the background.