The presence 

The works I have chosen are the ones that allows me to feel the presence of the artwork, where I can imagine myself being there. 

This artwork of Louis Barye shows a tiger that seems to be in crouching position. It allows me to feel the presence of being there where the tiger is about to attack or jump on something which is why i chose this for my exhibiton
This work of Arthur Streeton called "Fire's On" shows what it seems to be water flowing through a pile of rocks allows me to feel and hear nothing but the peace of flowing water and the nature.
This work by Vincent Van Gogh shows a couple walking through the forest having their coversations. It allows me to feel like they had a lot going through their mind and they just wanted time together
The rabbit shown in the work below is by artists Albrecht Durer. The rabbit seems to be relaxing by laying on its stomache. This makes feel relaxed.
This work by Emily Carr shows a small village with a small lake or river near the mountains that reminds me of the things we do everyday as same as these villagers do
Another work of Emily Carr that shows two girls and a trailer allows me to feel that there are people that struggle everyday while there or some people that don't struggle.
The work of Joseph Mallord shows a castle that can be seen from a beach. This work allows me to feel like the word "wow". It makes me daydream about how it would be like if i were in there
The Blue Graveyard by Steiner-Prag shows a cemetery. This cemetery shows me how scary it can get a night and this is exactly what I can imagine if i were there.
Credits: All media
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