Power of Fear

In the epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh struggled with the fear of many things.  He feared not being able to become immortal, and in the end ultimately failed.  He was very frightened and worried about his dear friend Enkidu's description of the afterlife.  Gilgamesh was not sure of what was in store for him and wanted to avoid all of this by becoming an immortal.  In Gilgamesh's quest for immortality, he had to go through treaturous obstacles that could have easily ended his life.  The fear of Humbaba, was one obstacle that he was not sure he could survive.  This was how determined he was to gain immortality and not face death.

This relates the the epic of Gilgamesh as Gilgamesh is afraid of going up to heaven or down to hell if he were to die. Enkidu frightens him with his depiction of the afterlife.
This picture is reminding of the anger Gilgamesh had when Enkidu died. He also feared the same was going to happen to him triggering his quest for immortality
It could be imagined that the horse is Gilgamesh and the lion is death. Gilgamesh does everything he can to become immortal and is very fearful of death.
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