by Amy Kathryn Schetting 

This is a photo of Louis XIV's bedroom in the Palace of Versailles. There are many details on the walls of the room, and two large paintings. The room features a large bed with curtains surrounding the bed.
This is a photo of the statue in the middle of the Colonnade Grove. This is dated 1900-1930. Unlike the virtual tour through the grove, the center statue is not blocked off by ribbon.
This is a photo of the Palace of Versailles during sunset. At this time, there is one distinct human in the photo and the sun rising from the center of the photo. You can see the detail in the building even from the presumed distance that this photo was taken at.
This photo is taken of a main view of the Estate of Versailles. This 'water garden' is located directly in front of the estate and along the main water channel.
This piece of art depicts the view down the main hall during the reception for Queen Victoria of England. The ceiling is decorated with chandeliers. There may possibly be mirrors surrounding the area.
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