By Keandrea Hunt

These earrings look like grapes on a vine
Looking in the mirror can tell if your earrings look good with what you have on.
Big earrings show more
Look like boat earrings
These earrings are different and stand out.
Bat earrings good for dressing up for halloween or if you just like bat earrings.
To me these earrings remind me of snowflakes but these earrings represent the sun to Narino Indianas
There not big but long and look heavy it makes me not want to wearing earrings like this because it might rip my ear whole.
A women getting dressed and putting on her earrings.
A nice set that can be given as a gift. Two pair of earrings that can switch up with the ring.
A women dressed with her earrings that brings out the light blue and her top
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