Christianity ART

My exhibition consists of many different pieces of Christianity. It gives a visual understanding of information of what the bible mentions,and how things may have been presented at the time. 

In the Gospel according to Luke(15:11-32) Christ relates the parable of the Podigal son. A son asks his father for his inheritance and leaves parental home, only to fritter away all his wealth. Arriving at last at sickness and poverty he return's to his fathers house. The old man is blinded by tears as he forgives his son, just as God forgives those who repent. "I choose this art piece, because it is a good reputation Christianity. I also give the people a more clear observation and understanding on God's forgiveness.
The virgin Mary is shown hold the Christ child in the center of the composition. To the righ kneels St. Catherine of Alexandria. In the background, Mary's husband Joseph is seen drawing back after interceding between the two women. In the lower left the infant St. John the baptist holds a cross ,while the lamb lies next to him,symbolizing Christ's crucifixion. The reason I choose this art is because: it shows you Christ at birth while stating his future crucifixion in small details.
The spiritual faith of Jewish. In this painting as Christ gives the sermon in Capernaum, he is shown wearing a tallit, a shawl worn by Jesus during prayer. He addresses the synagogue looking like an Orthodox Jew, the artist placed a halo above Christ's head. I choose this exhibition because it gives a description of Christ appearance and also gives off details of his sermon.
Sait Sebastain , a Roman Army officer, was a martyr in Dioceltian times after converting to Christianity. Probably tied to a column, he was shot with arrows until thought dead, but while dying he was found by the Christian women Irene. I choose this art because of it's great and very specific details.The art displays the shot womb so clearly as if it were a real thing.
The scene tells a story. It illustrates a bilitical episode from the Gospel of Luke,which describes Christ's visit to the home of the sisters Martha and Mary in the course of one of his journeys. While Martha laboures in the kitchen to please and indulge her guest,Mary sat at Christ's feet to listen to him speak. I choose this art, because it draws your eyes to the background. This art has a lot of activity taking place. It illustrate Christ communion to the others.
The sculpture by Ardriaen Van Wesel represents a scene from the life of Christ. The piece originally formed part of a far large retable, or altarpiece, comparing a number of sculpture. I chooses this art,because it's realistic features.
Four tortures Surround Christ, pressing towards him, while he looks out at us. The picture emphasis the contract between the brutality of tormentors and mild, suffering Chris. From the center of the picture Christ seems to appeal to us to share in his suffering. I choose this art, because it shows the audience Christ's feelings and suffering before his crucifixion.
Deoutly kneeling, Mary listens to the words of the angel Gabriel, informing her of her pregnancy. Her hands across upon her breast, betray her amazement. After all she is still a virgin. Her virginity is underscored by whitley which is shown level with her womb. I choose this art mainly because it's clear analytical features. It gives the audience many different information.
Credits: All media
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