This is my cool art gallery with really cool and interesting pictures. ENJOY IT!!

This picture caught my eye. This is because this picture is kind of strange, but at the same time it is very funny. When ever i look at this picture I laugh. I notice that there are eggs on the mans shirt. This makes me think that this man must like eggs or it could say that he is a messy eater. The setting of this picture is at home, which makes you feel like you are ay home when you see this picture. Overall, I really like this picture. It was very funny but it had a lot of things going on in the picture that have a lot of meaning.
This piece is very cool. I like how this artist used three colors (pink, green, and white) and made it look like there are many different colors in this piece. I notice that you can't really see this mans head. This makes this picture mysterious. This makes me think that maybe this man wants to be hidden from something. Maybe he wants his face to be hidden. I think this because in this picture he face is kind of hidden, but his body isn't. Or he might not like the way his face looks. Overall, I thought that this picture was very interesting.
I thought that this picture is very unusual and that is why this picture stood out to me. I notice that this man is on a sofa on the street. This makes me think the this man is homeless. But, I don't think he is homeless because he is wearing nice clothes and it looks like he is in work clothes. I think that a message in this book is to work hard and take care of your life so you don't have to live in the street. Also, I notice that this picture has no color. This makes me wonder why did this artist no put that much color in his picture. I think that the artist wanted to make this piece like a typical street in New York and hoe there is garbage everywhere. Overall, this is a very interesting piece.
I think that this is a very interesting piece. I choose this piece because I like sports and I like to play basketball. I noticed that two of the basketballs are the same and one is different. This makes me think that the artist wanted to shows that things are different in the world and it is fine to be different, Also, he might want to explain that there is alway someone different and no one is the same. I realized that these basketballs are in this tank and they appear to be floating in water. This makes me think that the basketball are can't move. I think that the artist is trying to say that not everything is free and there are restrictions in life. Overall, I really like this piece. It was very unique.
This piece really stood out to me. This man in this picture reminds me of the person on the train in the movie polar express. He is the one who checks your tickets. I noticed that in this painting the background kind of sticks out because it doesn't really go with this painting of the man. I think that this man is very interesting. I notice that his beard splits into two almost. The artist might want to tell the people that ate looking at his art that there are two sides of every person. I think that this painting is very unique and interesting. Overall, I rally liked this picture and it stood out to me.
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