Bill Of Rights

All 10 Amendments By: Sebastian Ruiz

1st Amendment Basic Freedoms This represents the first amendment because MLK had a freedom of speech and he had the drive to speak up against the us government. This Amendment Benefits us today because we can speak up about things that the public thinks is a problem.
2nd Amendment Right to Bear and Keep Arms A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.This benifits us today because we can using hunting which helps with food and self defense which helps our well being
Third Amendment: QUARTERING OF SOLDIERS Soldiers do not have the right to barge into your home and make you let them stay there. This helps us because we dont have to use our money and supplies to sustain a soldier and the picture shows how the soldiers were walking through towns and finding people's homes to live in and that the people have their right to not let them stay
Fourth Amendment: SEARCH AND ARREST Officials of the government cannot take belongings, property, or search property without a search warrant granted by a judge. This picture represents a house that hasn't been searched by any official for any reason. This helps us because people abuse their power when they have it which means people of authority could invade our privacy without this amendment
Fifth Amendment: RIGHTS IN CRIMINAL CASES Citizens accused of crimes can't be put on trial twice for the same crime. In this picture it shows a person being punished for a crime they committed. This helps us because there are people who want you in jail and if they are going to try to get you in jail listing every crime you possibly could have done you dont have a chance of getting out of the court without handcuffs
Sixth Amendment: RIGHT TO FAIR TRIAL Citizens who are accused of any crime have a right to lawyers and questioning witnesses during a trial that is open to the public and is fair. This helps us because if we didnt know what we were accused of or had a lawyer you dont have a chance to prove your self innocent
Seventh Amendment: RIGHTS IN CIVIL CASES The people are allowed to order a jury trial to solve disagreements over items of value. but the value must be over twenty dollars. In this picture there is a bakery. As you can see, the bread is only five cents. So, if someone knocks over a display of ten peices of bread. It would not exceed twenty dollars, so if the owner of the bakery wanted to sue the court would turn him down. this benefits us because if we have a case to settle we dont have to wait for a unnecessary case
Amendment 8 Bail, fines, punishment People have the right to not recieve fines or punishments that are not reasonable with the crime that they commited. In this picture it shows harsh punishements that happen in korea.This Helps us because if you are ever arested you are not going to be killed or be fined 1000000000000000000 dollars
Amendment 9 Rights retained by the People Citizens have the rights to keep the rights that they have now and the government can't interfier with them. it helps us because we have our own humanly rights and a government should not be able to mess with
Amendment 10 States' rights Any powers of the government not mentioned by the constitution are givento the staes. This pictures title is " This is our Land". This relates to the tenth amendment because it really shows that the land belongs to the people and the states, and not all of it belongs to the government.
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