Maricruz P. value Project

This project will show different pictures of different kind of value elements. 

This image shows a high contrast because the horse is the positive and the background is the negative. In other words the main object in this painting is the horse.
This image shows the atmospheric perspective because in the image you can tell how the colors can create an illusion of space for example there is space around the fruit.
The image shows volumetric because in the image the painting is shows how the different colors can show how a simple shape can be turned into a three-dimensional shape.
In this image there is an example of value distribution this means there the colors are balanced there is not more black than white. I choose this image because I thought it was a perfect example.
The spheres in this image are an example of cast shadow because as you can tell there is a shadow that lets you know where the light is coming from.In the sphere you can also see the different colors.
This image shows the attached shadows meaning that by observing the sphere you can tell its a sphere by how the colors are used.In this pictures there are also high contrast and low.
This image shows low contract because there are soft colors there is no positive or negative colors it is balanced as in the color is soft and shows the mood calm.
This image shows value scale because there are different kind of values there are positive and negative shapes. In the image there are is also a shadow that shows cast shadow.
The image shows a value distribution because there is more of the color black than any other color.In this image there is positive and negative shapes the negative is the black and positive blue.
This is an example of Chiaroscuro because as you can tell that everything around her is mostly black and she is the only thing with color,in the image there is a value distribution.
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