The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a period in History that occurred between the years 1933-1945. It was the murder and persecution of six million Jews by the Nazi's who followed their leader, Hitler. Hitler who came into power in Germany in 1933 believed that Germans were the superior race and that Jews were inferior. 

In this picture we see a burning synagogue. This represents the hate that the Nazis had for Jews, they burnt their place of worship. This shows the boycott and ruining of all known Jewish places that occurred under Hitlers rule.
This is a picture of a Jewish man walking the street. He is wearing the star of David on his clothing. This star was used to show who was Jewish.
This is a picture of a young boy in a Polish Ghetto. He is being underfed and treated poorly, we know this due to the fact that he lives in a ghetto. We can see that he looks tried and weak.
In this picture we see the Nazis rounding up Jews with guns in their hands. This shows the treatment of Jews, they were herded like animals by the Nazis and separated from their families to go to concentration or death camps.
In this picture we can see Hitler reviewing his troops. We can see by his position and stance that he is quite powerful in this photo.
This is a picture of the line for bread at a ghetto. There are a lot of people in this line and they are probably not getting the amount of food and nutrients needed to keep them healthy. Hitler put in a rule about how many calories they were allowed to eat a day. This prevented them from eating the necessary requirements.
This is a picture of a group of Jews all huddled up with their hands in the air as they are being forced to walk to the train station. They are being threatened by the Nazis.
We can see Auschwitz (largest death camp) survivors showing the numbers that were tatooed on their arms. This was how they were distinguished apart and records were kept about each individual person.
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