Scenic Memories

This gallery is composed of several different bodies of water, open fields, beaches and more. Each of them have a special connection to my past and to the great outdoors. Outside is my favorite place to be because there is just simply no better place to allow you senses to explore freely. 

This piece reminds me of my lake that I live on in New Jersey. I remember when hurricane Sandy hit us and the whole town was devastated and trees were down everywhere. This cove looks similar to the one I paddled to in my kayak after the hurricane.
During my four years of high school I was required to take a language so I decided to take Chinese. In Chinese class we studied several rivers and lakes including this one.
One of my favorite places to be is at the Jersey shore in the summertime. And no I don't mean the TV show! Long beach Island, NJ has beautiful beaches and the bay side of the island looks almost identical to this piece.
On of the things I miss most about home is seeing the crashing waves of the great Atlantic Ocean. All up and down the east coast there is beautiful blue water that tumbles onto the sand. If you were to travel to Crystal Beach for the day, you probably wouldn't have the same experience!
When I was young my two little brothers and I were in boy scouts. We loved going on camping trips and running and playing in the huge open fields such as the one in this artwork. It was my favorite memory of boy scouts.
My brothers and I grew up on a lake and one of the many perks of that is that we were able to fish right off of the dock. We used to love dropping bread into the water and catching the fish with our nets when they tried to come up and eat it. We'd always let them go of course.
When my family would take our annual beach trips we would always rent a boat to take out in the bay and go fishing. My dad would always row the boat so we could fish. This picture is a perfect depiction of it.
I came to Lamar University to play baseball as well as get my engineering degree. It is a divisions 1 baseball program but I would've never made it here without the long summer days spent at the little league fields!
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