DREAM: A colorless journey through the history of the Civil Rights Movement

This gallery portrays powerful images of Martin Luther King Jr. during a time of struggle and depression for people of color through out the south. These images have very compelling stories and some are with some very powerful people at the time. I want to portray emotion and just show that these may be photographs but they are still considered art and they hold a message of their own just like other pieces.

This is just a formal straight view image of Dr.King art one of his many press conferences as leader of the Southern Christain Leadership Confernce (SCLC). The lines in his face here show him at a pleasant non stressful moment. The black and white color theme is used to remind you of the technology and how advanced the United States were at the time.
Here is Dr.King speaking with president Lyndon B.Johnson. The lines in the presidents forehead shows the amount emotion that could be present in that room. The forward indication Dr. King indicates he is leaning forward to talk to President Johnson who is slouched in his chair showing that there has been a long day.
Here is Dr.King and President Johnson in a meeting the Cabinet Room in The White House. The looks on their faces indicate the topic of the room is clearly the civil rights act. The intentional partial blur of President Johnson was to show Dr.King as the primary subject in the photo. It shows that the tension in the room was very crucial and very noticeable.
President Johnson is seen here greeting some ladies in the capitol room in the White House. Dr.King is seen is this photo as well. This piece shows the willingness of the president to work with the individuals in passing the voting rights act. This photo has a thousand emotions coming from it. By the smiles on the ladies faces they are happy with whats taking place.
Faces look on at President Johnson as he signs the Voting Rights Act. The year was 1965 the looks in everybody face will make you navigate to President Johnson's signing. Dr.King stood amongst some very powerful people in the U.S. Capital. The stern looks in everybody face shows accomplishment for people of color
Dr.King stands with Robert Kennedy and President Johnson. The body language shown in this picture can leave you guessing as what that moment have felt like. Robert is smiling so he is pleased with what's taking place at the moment. The use of natural lighting was great no need for flashes. It shows natural glow within the people.
Dr.King is seen here marching with Dr. Benjamin Spock and Monsignor Rice in Pittsburgh. The looks on these gentlemen face shows that there is a high level of mutual respect amongst them.
This image shows Martin Luther King Jr. holding hands with some individuals as they prepare to partake in a march. They way the image is organized it shows emphasis from the principles of design.
This image portrays a historic day in history. The day Dr.King delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington D.C. The friendly wave and smile on his face makes him look like he felt this was just the beginning of historic non violent movement. The rule of thirds aligns his body to the left to cause the eyes to view from left to right.
Credits: All media
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