Colorful Land of asia and it's people

Colorful Asian art from the 17th - 20th Centuries displaying Landscapes and people of Asia with use of color and the lives of the people in these landscapes. Sharing the lives of the people In the Painting to show us how lived during this time.

A Picture and portrait of Yamamoto Kansuke, Colored in Distinct White, red, and blue, Holding three weapons, two of which are swords, and gripping a spear with his left hand.
A Very elaborate picture of a landscape of mountains with many different shades of blues and greens, and orange in different shades as well that bring out the feel of that land environment.
This picture as a whole leans more to a hue or blue and green.The blue is expressed on all trees along with a trail of grass going up the hill.While the surrounding green help establish an earthy feel.
This Picture captures the balance of man with nature, Playing the Zither with surrounding trees and flowing water fall. In the bottom right, a man collecting fresh water, with the use of earthy colors
A picture in Beautiful color expressing all aspects of this art. The deep blue of the water to the mix of brown and green with the land, even the detail seen in their clothing and samurai swords.
Painting of a lion in the natural habitat, up and alert. you can See the expressions in the lions face with the different strokes of yellow, and black. The foliage is shown in deeper and darker shades
A Picture of a village in a enclosed with surrounding nature. The Artist uses many tints of brown thats used through the whole picture while using green, red, and blue, to highlight certain actions.
Warm and cozy light brown and white colors in the background mix to make an ambient feeling of relaxation, really bring out the tall grass with the quails and small bursts of blue showing the flowers.
Pale water colors are present through out the painting using green and distinct reddish pink that bring out the falling flower
A whole cascade of mountains mixed together in a rich light red orange and brown from top to bottom. The trees are colored in orange and light blue colors. Intensities vary through out the picture.
Credits: All media
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