Cezanne's art

This is a still life that almost has a pastel affect. It has jagged sketchy lines and lots of bright warm colors, to contrast with the cool colors that reside in the table and so on. I really admire the movement of the cloth that the fruit is resting on. From the glare on the glass to the shading on the table,you can clearly tell that this is the work of an impressionist. The streaks give it a sort of chalk like affect,giving it the appearance as though it was blended by hand.
This piece of art is of a forest scene,the paint streaks are very mushy,and just blend up against each other.They are not blended together,but rather compliment each other. The light source starts from the center of the painting and spreads out,as well as the short of punctured squish of the streak marks against the canvas.
This art displays how impressionists are very vague with details. The grass in this shows the short, streaky brush strokes depicted in basic impressionists pieces. This nature scene is very colorful and has wonderful light sources. It's not very blended and its very splotchy,semi like when pointalism, and how there are tiny air pockets in between each streak of paint
This painting is clearly the work of Cezanne,the impressionist. The painting style is very streaky,and does not pay much attention to intricate detail. This is also painted from nature,which most impressionist did at the time,while the norm was historic events and figures.
This picture was done towards the end of Cezanne's life. It's a picture of everyday life,and there are no defined lines,just jagged sketch lines and smeared colors that give it a very laid back look.
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