Principle of Rhythm

art 100

the princes stand in a pattern that seems almost mechanical and gives them structure
the repetition of colors gives the piece of art rhythm and ties the three patterns together
this entire piece is full of rhythm through the stripes and dot structure, which makes the contrast of the black and white dots especially stand out
the repetition of the same face with different hairstyles helps Barros portray his message
the rhythm of the soldiers's similar stance depicts unity
there is rhythm throughout this painting, which helps depict the sense of urgency and overflow in the packages being processed with not enough workers
the pattern of the row of palm trees gives the painting depth and extends the coastline
the rhythm created by the sheep draws our eye to the direction in which the sheep are traveling
the rhythm of the fruit being sliced the same unifies the piece but also creates a contrast of two different melons
the pattern of trees contrasts to the lines of people in a state of chaos, showing two different rhythms in one painting
Credits: All media
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